Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use this on my face? Yes, the natural herbal oils and butters in Kina Kanu penetrate deep into the skin tissue, without leaving excess oil on the surface.
  2. I’m pregnant can I still use? Yes, the natural juices will help to nourish your baby bump.
  3. How long will Kina Kanu Moisturizer last?  On average, the 4 oz jar can last for 1-month, depending on usage.
  4. What is Kina Kanu Hair & Body Moisturizer? Kina Kanu is enriched with  infused herbs, to provide deep hydration to all hair and skin types to smooth, soften and repair. Kina Kanu Hair & Body Moisturizer is 100% natural, made from natural and organic ingredients. Excellent as your daily moisturizer.
  5. Can I use Kina Kanu moisturizer I have sensitive skin? Yes, our moisturizer was created with sensitive skin in mind.
  6. How do I use? You can use Kina Kanu daily. Kina Kanu penetrates the skin below the surface and quickly absorbs, leaving your skin smooth and hydrated in seconds. Kina Kanu also stimulates hair growth when applied to the scalp while moisturizing ends of hair.
  7. How long will Kina Kanu Moisturizer take to arrive?

United States shipping times:
Shipping: 3 - 10 business days
(Postage times are an estimate only, and do not allow for public holidays or high volume periods. Example: Easter, Christmas and New Year.)
Please note the above shipping times apply from the day that your Kina Kanu is shipped, NOT the day that you order.
International shipping times:
Non tracked: 10 - 20 business days.
(Postage times are an estimate only, and do not allow for public holidays or high volume periods)
*Please note that the above times may differ between countries, local postal delays may occur within your country.

  1. Do I receive a tracking number with my order? If you choose you can request your tracking information via the contact page on our website.
  2. When does Kina Kanu Ship? We aim to ship within 2 business day.
  3. Can I change my address once my order has been shipped? No. So please make sure your shipping address is correct.